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‘Stilleven’ book


Image of ‘Stilleven’ book Image of ‘Stilleven’ book Image of ‘Stilleven’ book Image of ‘Stilleven’ book Image of ‘Stilleven’ book

Here’s our new, first home-made C3T edition: the ‘STILLEVEN’ book. It compiles a collection of observational sketches made during our still life drawing session at Grafixx festival, in December 2017. Visitors of all ages and nationalities were invited to sit down with us, look closer and try to bring dead objects to life through drawing. To make the drawings a little more lively and spontaneous, we added a sheet of blue carbon paper to their sketch pad and advised not to peek underneath too often. We had a whole pile of these semi-blind drawings, but only a small selection of them made it to our zine. With it we want to show the amazing diversity in drawing styles that we captured during the workshop.

Many thanks to the dedicated drawers who took part in this little quest for the purest, most spontaneous form. We didn’t have all your names but do give us a shout if you’re in the zine! Thanks to Marijke Boesmans for providing us with beautiful flowers for our installation. Thanks to Gerard from our favourite print workshop Afreux to help us out with paper and print.
And finally, thanks to the blue magic of the ‘papier chimique’ we found at the flea market.

Maker C3T x workshop participants
Printing Blue riso print at Afreux, 24 pages
Binding Three hand-sewn sections in a grey cardboard cover with pasted image, one sheet of vintage paper sewn inside.
Size L 25 cm, W 19 cm
Other Edition of 25, February 2018