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Bottle coats


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These knitted bottle coats in three different sizes by La Femme Garniture can be used in many different places, for many different things. As storage for food, make-up, unfinished handicraft projects, etc.

Maker La Femme Garniture
Size S = 21 cm, M = 26 cm, L = 36 cm
Material Polyamide
Care See instruction label included with product

La Femme Garniture designs accessories with tons of passion and a unique sense of style. The attractive colour range and line play of her - mainly machine-knitted - scarfs, plaids and bottle coats show traces of her past as a graphic designer. When creating, she puts blind trust in her intuition and knowledge of materials. The result is a cosy, happy collection with a warm vintage touch.

More products by this maker can be found in our offline Summer boutique 'Eden', along other creations and vintage finds.


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